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About HCI

Harvest Church International (HCI) was planted in Brooklyn, Pretoria in April 2005 by Mark and Christina Burger. Their vision was for a church on one of the main routes into the city and the church was blessed to strike an arrangement with Waterkloof House Preparatory School (WHPS) which is located on Charles Street – a major artery from the east into the city – for a meeting venue. We continue to have a healthy relationship with WHPS and also enjoy the use of the sports facilities from time to time for our family day events.

Part of the reason for the planting in Brooklyn was to reach out to the large student community as well as a significant diplomatic corps, located in and around the area. We have a strong and dynamic young adults group which is continuously growing and have also been privileged to have people from diverse nationalities form relationships with the church. Our church mission is to love God, to love each other and to love what He has called us to do, and this is what drives us strongly towards a Kingdom ministry i.e. making Christ and the gospel practical for those who partly know Him or don’t know Him at all.

We have always inculcated a strong family culture in the church and it has been propelled by the significant blessings of multiple births we have seen in our church over the past five years. We love meeting new people and welcoming them to our family. We run various ministries and initiatives outside of formal church meetings and also have a strong apostolic outlook in terms of working into other churches and nations. In the latter we are blessed again to count amongst us Piet Dreyer who provides direction and leadership to our people in apostolic ministry. Out of this also flows projects of all sizes that focus job creation, community upliftment and ministy support. The church has a number of academic, medical and business professionals combined with a strong representation of entrepreneurs. It is important to note as we view the marketplace as a key focus for Kingdom ministry.

We have never shied away from being transformed as a church when we were so lead by God. We believe strongly in responding to His guidance alone and not overplaying the human hand in leading or directing the church. Most recently we supplemented our mission with a vision which we shaped through what we believe is guidance from God. Our vision is to see the expansion of God’s Kingdom, the restoration of God’s church and the ever deepening spiritual maturity of the believer.