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Multiplied power in prayer by Deon Crafford

Deut 32:30 How could one have chased a thousand,and two have put ten thousand to flight,unless their Rock had sold them,and the Lord had given them up?

To be able to pray to the God of the Universe, the alpha and the omega, to whom no boundaries exist, is a privilege too treasured to fathom. So when we have this opportunity (which is always), we shall do it in such a way that the power of it goes beyond just human expectations. We can “support” our praying with creating the conditions that will truly free our hearts to be charged with the power of the Holy Spirit. The pure heart engages with God, regardless of circumstance, amidst the noise and rumblings of life, sometimes as a desperate one-liner calling out to God in pain, praise, fear or worship. And God hears us no less than when we’re in “ideal” praying circumstances. But when I have the time to submit my faculties to God or to multiply the engagement through the coming together of the saints, why would I not do so? Oswald Smith likened prayer to staying in God’s presence until you’re able to see things through His eyes. Oswald Chambers said that the point of prayer is not to get answers from God, but to have perfect and complete oneness with Him. I cannot say this better. Whatever conditions may enable this oneness with God is noble to pursue. If corporate prayer is understood to multiply faith and affirmation in God’s grace and glory, then why would I not pursue it? Prayer is privilege beyond measure and its outcome is power beyond measure.

Love to all