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Timeless Faith by Deon Crafford

Psalm 27:14 Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

I can quite imagine that when David wrote his Psalms, the first intent was to express and encourage himself, and not the many who would come after him and find great teaching in his words. For David, a man close to God’s heart, to then express “wait for the Lord”, is very significant. Here is God’s own anointed exhorting himself to patience and faith in God’s greatness and goodness. David seems to understand that living in the faith comes with the frustration that we know not and control not God’s timing and intervention; and still we shall keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him.

There’s hardly one amongst us that can safely say we have never harboured frustration if not resentment towards God when our troubles kept mounting and the way out had vanished from our sight. Some would say God is testing us, but can this be true? Would the God we serve test us by heaping on us pain, trauma, disease and a multitude of other troubles? Is He that heartless? Surely not, as His grace stands testimony to His heart and He has declared that He wil never leave nor forsake us. What we do know is this – He is all-present, all-knowing, all- powerful. So He knows me and where I am intimately and His plan for my situation is already in motion – not my plan but His.

But what good does waiting for the Lord hold for us? Firstly it strengthens our faith because if it is weak, we will not wait. Secondly it builds in us the resilience to overcome – because the Christian waiting on the Lord is anything but a quitter. Thirdly through our waiting, we’re ministering to the world that seeks only instant gratification, that God holds timeless love and grace, and fourthly through our waiting we’re honouring God our Father, because nothing will deter us from anticipating His grace and power.

Love to all