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Is God too much for me by Deon Crafford

Let’s save Him in a new way by Piet Dreyer

Repentance and Sanctification by Piet Dreyer

What will your obituary say? by Quintin Seago

We are not of this world by Piet Dreyer

Giving up my Independence by Deon Crafford

Appreciate the small things by Piet Dreyer

Three steps to knowing God’s will by Quintin Seago

Painted into a corner by Deon Crafford

On the wings of the Eagle by Piet Dreyer

The scourge of success by Deon Crafford “In the foot steps of Christ” by Piet Dreyer

Grace – The life of Joseph by Quintin Seago

Amazing Grace by Piet Dreyer

The Scandal of Grace by Deon Crafford

Busyness is trap that leads to burnout by Piet Dreyer

We are our father’s sons, but don’t let that define us by Quintin Seago

God’s ordain government by Piet Dreyer

A new life by Deon Crafford

Do not be smelly but be an Aroma by Piet Dreyer

Purity by Deon Crafford

Found in the truth by Deon Crafford

Invited to life by Quintin Seago

Discover God’s love for yourself by Piet Dreyer

Taking Stock by Deon Crafford

The Power of Generosity by Deon Crafford

A lust for the present and tangible at what cost? by Quintin Seago

Spiritual Warfare by Piet Dreyer

Intercessory prayer by Cedric Hapgood-Strickland (notes)

When sorry does not cut it by Deon Crafford

The Lord’s Prayer by Quintin Seago

Matthew 6 vs 12 Forgive us our sins by Lynne Hapgood-Strickland

Daily bread by Deon Crafford

Hallowing God’s name by Quintin Seago

To whom….to Our Father by Deon Crafford

Prayer Series: Introduction by Piet Dreyer

Iron Sharpens Iron by Quintin Seago

Matthew 6 by Deon Crafford

Victim or Victor? by Deon Crafford

Faith’s story

Notes on Deon’s preach: Resetting my relationship with God

Resetting my relationship with God by Deon Crafford

Amy’s story

Being ambassadors for God by Quintin Seago

Free to father by Deon Crafford

The right to die / The right to live by Dr Jan Becker

Free from unbelief by Piet Dreyer

Graham’s Story

Free to be ourselves by Piet Dreyer

Free to be blessed by Piet Dreyer

A loving God and Father that will not be mocked by Quintin Seago

Caryn’s Story

Perfection meeting imperfection by Deon Crafford

Maryanne’s Story

Geoffry’s Story

Carmen’s Story

Ryan M’s Story

To be saved is to be sent by Quintin Seago

Who is my neighbour? by Chris Lenhard

Christian Discipline by Deon Crafford

Today’s church on the foundation of Acts by Deon Crafford